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          In My Own Words, Big Blue Summer Edition: Alesia Paliwoda '21

          In partnership with Big Blue Summer Academics, Alesia is the first bbin真人 student to offer not one but two virtual courses of her own design this summer. Her Introduction to Architecture course will run from July 6-10, while Introduction to Engineering will run from July 20-24, both from 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. In similar fashion, fellow rising seniors Claire Kelly, Caeley Feeney, and Elisabeth Korn will offer rising K-Grade 5 students a Summer Reading Enrichment program. For more information on all these student-led courses, and to register, visit pingry.org/bigbluesummer. Read on to learn more about Alesia's offerings!


          By Alesia Paliwoda '21

          The idea of creating a summer course came up when I was talking recently with [Director of College Counseling] Mr. Lear. He suggested I reach out to Mrs. McArthur, Director of Summer and Auxiliary Programs, who runs bbin真人's Big Blue Summer program. She was excited about the two ideas I suggested—Introduction to Architecture and Introduction to Engineering virtual courses—so I began planning out the curriculums, designing the activities, and contacting guest speakers. The courses are open to rising Form I-IV students (Grades 7-10) as well as students outside of bbin真人. I am thankful for this opportunity and excited to share my knowledge with underclassmen!


          At bbin真人, I wanted to continue pursuing my interest in art, but was not interested in working with certain materials. The aspect of precision in architecture appealed to me, and I decided to take Architecture, Drafting, & Design I as my sophomore-year elective class. I really enjoyed the class and took Architecture, Drafting, & Design II the following year. Both classes were taught by Ms. Boone. In those classes, I learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop and how to use Rhino and SketchUp. I also learned how to use various architectural tools and make 3D models of my sketches. I found that architecture classes were my break from a rigorous academic schedule, during which I could enjoy making artwork with my hands and exploring something new. These classes gave me experience and exposure that has increased my interest in architecture and has led me to go on various architecture tours and consider pursuing it further, potentially in college.

          The Introduction to Architecture 暑期课程会给学生场的概况,什么建筑师做。在使用过程中,学生将完成多个项目,包括素描,建设雕塑,设计和素描一个游乐场,并从各种视图(正面,侧面,顶部)勾画自己的家。每一天都会有一个谷歌的见面会开始,最多持续一个小时,在那里我将介绍当天的项目,并展示一些我已经在涉及到分配的项目我的建筑类完成的工作。多谷歌满足将是互动性和吸引力,学生将不被听讲座的全部时间。然后,学生将被给予工作室的时间来完成对自己或与其他学生的项目。我将在谷歌相遇在这段时间里,该项目的工作我和广播它,让学生看到我的工作,如果需要的话。也将有单独的签入整个上午,我要在那里对他们的进步提供建议并反馈给学生。在结束的时候,我们会重新组和展示我们的工作。也将有一个总结性的一天。这些项目是为了需要更长的时间,并给学生足够的时间来利用设计过程。我的目标是让学生有完成的项目和工作走开,他们会想守住和显示。学生还将与专业建筑师发言的机会!演讲嘉宾之一是来自伦敦,谁拥有了世界杯,奥运场馆,九个NFL超级碗所做的工作的建筑师。

          I wish there was a program like this when I was deciding which courses to take. I hope students will walk away from the course with a good understanding of what they can learn in a more in-depth architecture class and help them decide if they want to take one in the future. Regardless, students will learn and implement the design process using technical and creative skills of architecture.

          The Introduction to Engineering 计划将让学生工程的不同领域,包括机械,民用,工业和操作,和航空航天工程的概况。学生将完成,涉及到不同领域的各种活动。每一天都会有一个专注于一个或两个字段。一些活动将包括建筑能抵御地震塔,建设,可容纳一本书的桥梁,建立一个太阳能赛车。学生也将尝试发现国际空间站!他们会用工程处理和解决问题,完成这些实践活动,挑战和项目。我也会给不同的机器人竞赛的快速概览学生可以参与的中部或上部高中生。

          In addition to activities, students will have the opportunity to speak with engineers from different backgrounds. They will get a better understanding of what engineering is and what an engineer does. My goal is for students to see how diverse engineering is and for them to get a glimpse of the different paths you can take within the field.

          These programs provide a great opportunity to sample architecture and engineering and learn something new! I am really excited to share my knowledge and passion in these areas. I have learned so much myself from robotics, summer programs, and classes, and I am excited to give back to bbin真人. I am also excited to hear from the guest speakers—they work on some really cool projects! I look forward to teaching others about my interests and look forward to working with the students.

          Register for Alesia's Introduction to Architecture course
          Register for Alesia's Introduction to Engineering course

          Contact: Andrea Dawson, Senior Writer, adawson@pingry.org


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