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          News & Events

          bbin真人 News & Events


          We pay tribute to members of the Magistri who will retire from bbin真人 at the end of the month.


          Come, create with us!


          Picture of central park in the rain with young boy on scooter, riding by photographer.
          Image of colorful, blurry city lights
          Side view image of pink flower with some downturned petals
          Image of girl smiling at the camera with her hair flipped up
          Image of girls flipping hair up
          Image of sunset shot in reflection of car side mirror.
          Image of pomegranate on black background
          Image of pine cone in the forest
          Close up image of slinky
          Black and white image of bicycle rack with shadows.
          Silhouette of girl slightly illuminated by blue light outlining her head.
          Image of bicycle sculptures with red light blaring in a city landscape
          Black and white image of children's swing set.
          Girls sitting back to back and looking away
          Mixed media image of a man sitting in a restaurant, alone
          Black and white image of girl looking at reflection and reflection looking back at her
          Black and white image of full-petaled flowers.
          Image of burnt light bulbs
          Image of hand reaching out of a hedge, 关 to touching another hedge
          Black and white image of overlapping lines at a considerable depth
          Image of men waiting at a food stand in a city at night
          Black and white picture of man sitting and reading a book beside large bags of spices

          Clay Working and Sculpture

          Abstract metal sculpture outside on campus
          Bubbling red vase with gray splatters.
          Tall, navy and black vase
          Striped, wide ceramic vases
          Geometric, metallic sculpture outside on campus
          Tall, orange vase with gray crystal formations.
          Sculpture of ambiguous face.
          Five ceramic vases with neutral tones
          Red, abstract sculpture piece
          Abstract, orange sculpture piece.
          Abstract yellow sculpture sitting on top of a piece of wood.
          Abstract sculpture.
          Sculpture of person with wings made with metal.
          Orange plate with three cartoon portraits of woman crying.
          Sculptures of man's upper body and torso without head or hands.
          White vase with black tree imagery.
          Sculpture of desert animal skull
          Tall and skinny necked, gradient vase
          Intentionally corroded vase with gray background and colorful accents.
          Geometric vase with abstract piece on opening.
          Intentionally corroded vase with skinny neck.
          Tall, red and blue, ceramic vase
          Sculpture of a 3D circle with bones and skulls.
          Geometric metallic sculpture
          Sculpture of predatory bird on top of a stump
          Sculpture of hands on top of a vase
          Intentionally crumbling ceramic vases that resemble gourds.


          3D, computer generated rendering of ice hockey complex made by architecture student
          3D sculpture of hexagons and pyramids made with colored tin foil.
          3D sculpture of robot made with tin foil.
          Computer generated 3D rendering of abstract piece

          Click the images to view individual galleries.


          Painting and Drawing

          Painting of sunbathers on the beach.
          Painted portrait of girl looking at viewer with degrading words written on top of her and the background.
          Painting of couple walking under a red umbrella in Paris with Eiffel Tower behind them.
          Sketched portrait of man staring intensely.
          Mixed media piece of fishbowl being dumped out.
          Mixed media painting of man holding arm up.
          Painting of woman with head piece sitting
          Mixed media piece of person walking.
          Painting of lion head with patterns over it.
          Colorful painting of lion head wearing a top hat
          Sketched portrait of girl smiling at camera
          Sketched portrait of man looking at camera
          Sketched portrait of Sage Dining chef
          Sketched portrait of woman holding hat.
          Abstract painting with blue background and orange hued waves with white vertical lines
          Sketched portrait of woman smiling at camera
          Portrait of singer Brendon Urie
          Pencil drawing of human/dragon eye with scales
          Painting of man imitating %22hear no evil%22 hand gesture.
          Sketch of skull of desert animal with branch growing out of it.
          Painting of abstract pattern.
          Painting of boy and Winnie the Pooh facing away from each other with bubbles in the background.
          Colorful, painted portrait of Jake Ross.
          Sketched portrait of Lydia Gargano
          Water color painting of woods with silhouette of figure with axe.

          Art Fundamentals

          Mannequin head with grid and pi symbol, head covered with newspaper, and colorful paper mâché head.
          Pencil sketch of 3d figures with shadows and highlights.
          Cubist still life of pitcher, pear, and vase.
          Sculptural depiction of ocean with sand and images of sea life.
          Cubist still life of a dinner table with an assortment of food and beverages.
          Small ceramic chalice with pointed opening
          Small ceramic vase with abnormal design.
          Small brown ceramic bowl.
          Ribbed ceramic cup.
          Abnormally shaped ceramic container on stand.
          Two unique ceramic mugs and one pitcher.
          Pencil drawing of four paper bags
          Pencil drawing of boots

          Grade 8 Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media

          De Stijl style painting with green, orange, purple, and blue
          Accordion book of coloring of forest path.
          Accordion book of sketched hiking trail with colorful trail markers.
          Colorful pop art of girl blowing bubble gum bubble, made with stamp.
          Abstract blue, white, purple, and red oil painting.
          Sketch of 3D figures.
          Red chevron on abstract background painting.
          Clay sculpture of person sitting on a large leaf.
          Small clay bowl with diamond designs on the side.
          Colorful, pop art Audrey Hepburn made with stamps.
          Clay sculpture of sea coral.
          Journal cover painted over with a sunset on a beach with seashell embellishments.




          艺术史和当代艺术的文化在世界各地的研究也被纳入到我们的每一个提供的课程。通过我们的学生毕业的时候,他们在艺术的复杂的语言了坚实的基础,并为它促进表达,沟通,宽容的能力更大的升值,以及许多观点贯穿我们全球社会的衔接。对于课程的描述,请参阅 课程 Guide.

          视觉艺术 at bbin真人

          Sample Course Offerings

          Girl painting an elephant and girl painting an abstract piece in drawing and painting class.

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